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Claude Monet,The Path through the Irises (details)

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2014.04.21  8:03pm  
We’re all kind of weird and twisted and drowning. 
Haruki Murakami, Norwegian Wood (via comfort-in-solitude)

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2014.04.21  8:02pm  
You are a sentence
and I am a semicolon
begging you to go on. 
We will be a novel one day - Meghan Lynn (via baiolicious)

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2014.04.21  6:13pm  

by babalaas:

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2014.04.21  6:13pm  


so Charlotte Bronte read Emma by Jane Austen and was really interested in this minor character named Jane Fairfax who was poor and would have been a governess had she not married well and then Bronte wrote her own novel exploring the plight of the poor governess who married this guy named Edward Fairfax Rochester in a novel called Jane Eyre and my point is don’t let anyone tell you shit about fanfiction.

2014.04.21  6:13pm  

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2014.04.21  6:13pm  
You have both war and poetry in your mind. 
2014.04.15  3:16am  
2014.04.15  3:15am  


how to not see spoilers

  • finish series in nonstop marathon without sleep before returning to tumblr

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2014.04.15  3:15am  


when you have a really good idea but don’t know how to do the thing


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2014.04.15  3:13am  


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